Application Modernization enables the migration of monolithic applications to new Microservices architecture with Native Cloud Support including Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to meet the current business needs.


Jenkins is a continuous integration software tool for testing and reporting changes in a large code base in real time. Jenkins enables developers to find and solve defects in a code base rapidly and to automate testing of their builds.


PowerShell is an automated task framework from Microsoft, a command line shell and a scripting language integrated into the .NET framework, which can be used within other applications. It automates batch processing and creates system management tools.


Problem Statement


  • Enabling file sharing between nodes/systems.

  • A common user who has all permission to perform a task.

  • Avoid adding every node or system as an agent in Jenkins to perform a task.

  • Making Powershell script compatible with every version of PowerShell.

  • No third party plugin.

  • Creating hook concept for different repos on GitHub and bitbucket.


Solution Offered


  • GitHub and BitBucket Repo was set up to keep the source code.

  • PowerShell Script is used to execute the Source Code Deployment

  • Alerts are generated in the form of Email depending upon the deployment status

  • Logs are generated for the every job build.

  • Setting up WebHook for GitHub and BitBucket Repo.

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Jenkins, Powershell

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