Getting Started with Kubernetes Architecture

  • Kubernetes has become an indispensable part of production Cloud environment. Kubernetes centralizes logs and metrics. Kubernetes contains Pods, Clusters, and networks as its components.
  • It simplifies Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ensuring data consistency. It focuses on building and delivering software.
  • Kubernetes monitors Pods, Clusters, and Networks. It monitors each layer explicitly.

Challenge for Building Reactive Platform

  • Reactive Platform For Monitoring and Alerting using Akka.
  • Performance Metrics for monitoring distributed, ephemeral, containerized Microservices.
  • Spend more time working on code that analyses the meaning of metrics than code that collects, moves, stores, and displays metrics.
  • Validate measurement system accuracy and precision. Collect histograms of response time.
  • Monitoring systems need to be more available and scalable than the systems (and services) monitored.
  • Node-level system metrics, Application metrics, Kubernetes metrics, and OpenStack metrics.

Solution Offered for Building Monitoring and Alerting AIOps Platform


Kubernetes Metrics Architecture

  • Application - Service availability, Response time, requests.
  • Services - HTTP Requests, Database connections and replications, Thread and connections.
  • Kubernetes Deployment - Pods, Containers.
  • Kubernetes Internals - Kubelet, Docker, Nodes.
  • Hosts - Host Resources, Host status.

For monitoring, use tools to get Akka framework using Scala, Time Series Database, Metrics Collector, Visualize the data for each Node-level system metrics, Application metrics, Kubernetes Metrics, and OpenStack metrics.

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