Understanding Data Migration Techniques and Best Practices


Data Migration involves extraction, transformation, and loading. Comprising the following steps

  • Transferring data
  • Modification of Workflows and processes
  • Integration with existing solutions
  • Implementation into the new system

The primary flow of data migration involves

  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Cleansing
  • Validation
  • Loading

Challenge for Data Migration and Application Performance

  • Application Performance Issues while migrating massive amount of data during Data Migration.
  • Lack of visualization of Data Migration in Real-Time to monitor the load and throughput of Data Pipeline.
  • No mechanism to validate migrated data to Hadoop on a daily basis.
  • Secure remote access to Data Migration Tool.

Solution Offered to Build Data Migration Platform

  • Develop Data Migration platform and analyze Hive queries with latest technologies and distributed Agile Development methods.
  • Build A Data Migration Platform To Migrate Data From Oracle To Hive.
  • Increase Hive Query Performance.

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