Introduction to Energy Supply and Demand Forecasting


Maintenance of energy consumption is an important task to obtain a sustainable environment and address

  • Increasing population
  • Hiked incomes
  • Raised revenues
  • Industrialization
  • The scarcity of natural resources

Prediction of energy consumption makes the decisions for energy purchase and generation using various algorithms. According to the need, predictions made on an hourly, monthly or daily basis. Gaussian process regression and Linear regression models used.


Process of Energy Supply and Demand Forecasting

  • Calculation of Energy Consumption and Demand

Energy consumption measured in Watt per Hour whereas demand weighed regarding work done in 15-30 minutes.

  • Calculation of Energy Consumption Index

PUE is the proportion of the amount of power required to operate and cool the data station versus the volume of power extracted by the IT equipment in the data hub. The equation is -


PUE = (Total Facility Energy) / (IT Equipment Energy)


Major Challenges in Energy Supply and Demand Forecasting

  • Real Data Collection for machines and pipelines
  • Power Consumption collection
  • The data for the machine and features to predict the power consumed

Solution Offerings for Energy Demand Forecasting

  • Multiple IoT devices installed on different machines will emit the data to the Apache Nifi, routing the data to various sources.
  • Data Pipeline built using Apache Kafka, processed using Apache Spark, and stored in HBase, or Cassandra.
  • Creation of historical data using Apache Nifi to route data to S3
  • Spark SQL and Graph Database for Pattern and Link Analysis

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