Apache Nifi Features and Applications


Open Source is an indispensable factor in ETL world. Apache Nifi is composed of processing elements, ETL with a graphical interface.Having Flowfiles inside Apache Nifi DataFlows containing metadata information.


Key Features of Apache Nifi


  • Visual Command and Control
  • Enables Scale Out, Scale Up and Scale Down
  • Data Routing
  • Dynamic Prioritisation


Apache Nifi is highly faulted tolerant, leveraging automation and managing the flow of information between the systems promoting data provenance, security, and extensibility.


Supremacy of Apache Nifi


  • Enables De-coupling of Data Ingestion
  • High Availability due to Cluster-Mode
  • Scalable Approach
  • Data Fetching at a faster pace
  • Ensures Data Lineage
  • Real-Time User Interface
  • Data Source Agnostic Platform
  • Data Security


Real-Time Applications of Apache Nifi


  • Enterprise Data Integration Platform
  • Edge Intelligence for IoT
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Customer Activity
  • Data Flow Management
  • Relational Data Ingestion
  • Streaming Analytics