VoIP Messaging Application with Analytics Solution

Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol


Cloud VoIP Application has revolutionized the IT world involving Audio and Video interactions to connect people by tracking their locations like Skype, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts. VoIP and SIP Communication system helps businesses get a leg-up on the competition in IP telephony place.

Many companies after reviewing their costs to provide conventional phone services to their employees are coming to understand the advantages of shifting to a VoIP solution. Instead of using some kind of off-the-shelf, generic solution, it’s necessary to look at your own company’s specific requirements. In many cases, you will see that it’s sufficient to have a developer create a customized VoIP system that will address your data and information needs instead of using a one-size fit all approach. Let us highlight some major benefits of using VoIP system:


Features of Cloud VoIP Application


  • Instant Messaging
  • Online Meetings
  • Call Monitoring, Recording, and Transfer
  • Remote Support
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Mails and Do Not Disturb


Challenge for Building Real-Time Analytics Platform


  • Video Calling and Chat application to Support users. Free Calling Application for any mobile platform like iOS, Android to any phone number and Support call all around the globe.
  • Analytics platform to monitor the load, performance, and other metrics of Asterisk Server (Cloud-Based Calling), Chat server.
  • Real-Time Tracking of users activity


Solution Offerings for Analytics Platform


Build a high performance and scalable solution using NoSQL and Big Data.


    • Basic Solution Architecture


Involves Hardware from OVH dedicated server, virtualization using VMware Bare Metal and services on VMware Virtual Machines.


    • Basic Environment Production Setup


All server/nodes running on each separate Vmware virtual machine.


    • Firewall Security


Pfsense firewall acts as a security parameter for all outbound and inbound connections.


    • Load Balancing with Haproxy


Haproxy as a load balancer for all servers to run backend servers smooth for all situations even under high load/traffic.


    • Setting Up Backend Server Using Nginx with Node.js API


Node.js employed as a server-side proxy to handle a large number of simultaneous connections in a non-blocking manner.


    • Database Server Couchbase and Mysql


Couchbase is an open-source, distributed multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package optimized for interactive applications.


    • Backend PHP Server Management Using Nginx with PHP


Multiple PHP servers to provide High Availability.


    • Monitoring Services with Zabbix


Zabbix is open source and used for Enterprise-Scale monitoring of all like Firewall, VM.


    • Understanding Mail Server


An internal mail cluster with more than two nodes for high availability for the mail server.


Enabling Monitoring Platforms


  • Asterisk Server Log
  • Chat Server
  • User Events for the Mobile Application on Android and IOS


Different Steps involved to build Real-Time Analytics


  • Deploying Agents
  • Data Ingestion Process
  • Data Processing – Apache Spark Streaming
  • Data Persistence – Cassandra
  • Rest API – Play Framework, Actor Model in Scala Language
  • Deploying Agents
  • Data Ingestion Process
  • Data Processing – Apache Spark Streaming
  • Data Persistence – Cassandra
  • Rest API – Play Framework, Actor Model in Scala Language
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