Policy Recommendation for Registered User

Description: Here, the graph will show the registered user’s structure according to user policy that he/she has taken according to their rewards. The chatbot will recommend the other policy with rewards to the registered users.

Analytical Dashboard


  • In our dashboards, you can see the topmost policy used by the customer for their insurance.
  • Also, the user can see the profit and loss status for each of the chart’s policies. We can compare the profit and loss by each of the policy
  • And users can see the specific policy recommended for the user according to their age group. There is a policy status through which we can see the user has taken which policy he/she has taken suggested by the chatbot or based on rewards.

End Customer Value

Main Value Addition: Description of the business KPIs based on variable

Description: Here, the customer will see the structure of the new and registered user; accordingly, the chat will recommend the policies and rewards, and here the customer will see the analysis of the top policy and the specific recommendation policy based on the customer’s age group.