Real-Time video Analytics Engine is a Platform that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence. Large Scale Video Processing is the greatest challenge holding a great potential for Analytics. Real-Time Video Analytics can be used for Monitoring Traffic Control, Retail Store Monitoring, Surveillance and Security. 


XenonStack's Real-Time Video Analytics Platform is real-time, low cost, accurate analysis of live videos using Open Source Big Data Technologies including OpenCV, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, HDFS, Tensor Flow, and Amazon S3. 



Business Challenge


  • Traditional Computer Vision System suffers from a limitation, that a server along with CV library collects and process the data at the same time. A failure in the server  causes loss of Streaming Video Data.

  • Detecting a node failure and switching the processing to another node may result in fragmentation of data.

  • Major challenge relies on running an image processing algorithms in a dynamic environment.


Thus managing and efficiently analysing this data brings us with a challenge to build a system which can eliminate the addressed problems.


Solution Offered


XenonStack Team came up with a solution to perform real-time video analytics backed by open source big data technologies.


The system is divided into three main components -


  • Video stream collector

  • Stream data buffer

  • Video stream processor

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Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, OpenCV, Amazon S3, HDFS, Apache Zookeeper, Tensor Flow

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