Xenonify-IoT Data Platform provides an interface to connect different sources with different data types for Real-Time Streaming and processing with Preventive Maintenance using Machine learning and Deep Learning Algorithms.


IoT Data Platform also Supports Fast Data and Reactive apps, Event-Driven, Fault Tolerance, Real-Time and Streaming Data for IoT Solution.


Business Challenge


  • Build a data collector that can collect data from various sources for Home Automation, Security Cameras.

  • Real-Time Streaming of Videos and Analytics.

  • Real-Time Alerting System for Managed Operations

  • Inventory and Device Management for All the Sensors and Equipment

  • Real-Time Reporting Tool for the Stats and Usage

  • Predictive Maintenance for the Equipment

  • Build a highly available and scalable web API so that data collectors can send data to our web API at regular intervals and then our API can store that data in a database.

  • Build an Interactive Dashboard for authenticated users to visualize all these statistics and Reporting.


Solution Offered


Xenonify is Real-Time Data Ingestion and Stream Processing Platform for IoT with Preventive and Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning and Deep Learning


The IoT Data Platform includes -


  • Energy consumption (electric power usage in kWh from smart energy meters)

  • Temperature (degrees Celsius from wireless temperature tags/sensors)

  • Integration and Device Management of the sensors and Security Cameras

  • Real-time Alerting, Scheduler and Reporting Tool

  • Interactive Dashboard for data visualization, analysis, and automatic generation of notifications when certain conditions are met.


Xenonify Platform Solutions Offer - 


  • Data from conditions under monitoring is captured using different methods and tools (wireless temperature sensors, smart thermostats, and energy meters).

  • Data is transmitted via the internet and stored in the Xenonify website’s database.

  • The Xenonify platform is used for data visualization, analysis, and automatic generation of notifications when certain conditions are met.

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