Getting Started with Apache Mesos Architecture

Apache Mesos is a cluster manager for efficient resource allocation and sharing across distributed applications and frameworks are resizing between the application layer and operating system. Capable of managing and deploying applications in large clustered environments.

The Architecture consists of –

  • Master controls the distribution of computing resources.
  • Frameworks manage and schedule different distributed tasks.
  • Executors run defined tasks.

Apache Mesos consists of following features –

  • Performance
  • Containerisation
  • Framework Metrics
  • Multi-Framework Workloads
  • Allocation Cycle Time
  • Agent Container Launching

Mesos supports execution of containerized loads with frameworks. Mesos native frameworks along with Big Data tools fit in Docker containers. Kubernetes is container orchestration and dedicated to executing containerized loads without having native application execution capabilities of Mesos as it is just a container orchestrator.

Apache Mesos supports virtually any process-level workload, streamline the data management stack. Kubernetes on Mesos is still in alpha development. Kubernetes has evolved as Container Orchestration Platform having features of Horizontal Scaling, Self Healing, and Automatic Pin Backing.