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Jagreet Kaur Gill has been contributing to XenonStack as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Data Scientist from last few years. She is a Ph.D. holder with more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology. She is responsible for applying AI techniques for Planning and Architecting for Data Science Solutions and Data Products. Her remarkable command over Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning convinces her to write knowledgeable content.

Evaluating Right Time to Invest with Price Indices

Data Analytics

Evaluating Right Time to Invest with Price Indices

Challenges to find Right Time to Invest While investing, real estate investors don't know the right time to invest in. Sometimes they postpone the investment and pay more as the property prices increase. Sometimes, they invest in a property with high prices now, which reduces in the future. Thus it is essential to evaluate the right time to invest in a property to save money. Moreover, they also need to check the future prices of properties by...

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