Overview of AIOps Monitoring with Microservices


AI along with Microservices Architecture stack involves –


  • Multi-Accelerator Hardware
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Continuous Insights
  • AI Driven Dynamic Storage
  • Agile Multi-cloud deployment, containerization and virtualization
  • High Bandwidth and Low Latency
  • High Performance AI software, libraries, and models


AIOps with Microservices Involves


  • Automatic Discovery – For executing Advanced Analytics on accurate data having continuous discovery and mapping.
  • Precision and Visibility – To perform Artificial Intelligence training to give deep visibility to Microservices applications.
  • Application Modelling – To update changes in Real-Time, troubleshooting with precision, prediction, problem resolution with full stack application of strong data model to achieve intelligent analysis of predictions and problems.
  • Cloud Native , Containers and Microservices – For infrastructure alignment, visualization, eliminating configuration leveraging containerisation and orchestration.
  • Real-Time AI Driven Incident Monitoring – For performance insights, Monitoring at a faster pace, actionable information, alerts alignment, tracing data, predicting warnings and changes.
  • AI Powered Trouble shooting – To assist monitoring and management tasks in eliminating errors and enabling flawless deployments.