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Data Analytics and BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse - GCP

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Build and Manage Big Data Applications on Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Enabled Big Data Solutions for Enterprises to Modernize your legacy data warehouse, building Streaming Analytics platform and faster analytics processing.Google Big Data Solution offerings –

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    Google BigQuery

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    Cloud Dataflow

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    Google Cloud IoT Core

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    Google Stream Analytics

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    Google BigQuery ML

Google BigQuery

Enterprise Data Warehousing based solutions for processing large data sets and running analytics at scale.

XenonStack BigQuery ML

BigQuery ML

XenonStack BigQuery GIS

BigQuery GIS

XenonStack BigQuery BI Engine

BigQuery BI Engine

Cloud Dataflow

Manage and Provision data processing services and decrease processing time with Dataflow.

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XenonStack Data Proc


XenonStack Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud IoT Core

Google Cloud IoT Core enabled solutions to collect, process, manage and visualize the IoT data in real time.

XenonStack IoT Core

IoT Core

XenonStack IoT Core Device Manager

IoT Core device manager

XenonStack IoT Core MQTT


Google Stream Analytics

Build Real-Time Data Streaming Analytics Applications and manage real-time data processing with Google Analytics Capabilities.

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Data Studio

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BigQuery BI Engine

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Cloud Dataflow

Solutions for Enabling Better Business Decisions and Reducing Operational costs.

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