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Building Cloud Native Applications on AWS EKS - XenonStack

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Simplifying Kubernetes Infrastructure management with AWS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a fully managed service. EKS operates the infrastructures for the kubernetes management, fixes security patches and is compliant with all standard kubernetes environments. With Xenonstack and EKS monitor and scale Kubernetes with seamless load-balance of applications.

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    Hybrid Deployment

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    Serverless Computing

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    Fully Managed Solutions

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    Streamline Kubernetes Deployment Security

Serverless For Kubernetes

EKS helps AWS Fargate in providing serverless cloud computing for containers. It reduces the need to monitor and maintain the servers.

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Automated Self Service Provisioning Solutions

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Monitoring Solutions

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Multi-cluster Management

Security with EKS

EKS secures through application isolation by design. EKS is integrated with Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to build security at heart.

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Production Security Grade Solutions

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Empowering Kubernetes Network Policy

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Security Operations dashboards

High availability

EKS makes scalable and highly-available control planes that run across various availability zones to eliminate a single failure point.

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Automated CI/CD Enabled Solutions

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Cluster autoscaling

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Streamlined Management of Clusters

Application Lifecycle Management

Enable Kubernetes Observability and Manage container images for streamlined deployment.

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Amazon EC2

XenonStack Amazon EKS Image

Amazon EKS

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Amazon ECR

Building  Applications and Solutions on AWS

Explore more Kubernetes Solutions and build critical software using best practices and proven tools.

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Build and Develop Industry leading Digital Transformation Solutions

XenonStack has been partnering with leading Technology and Platform Services providers to develop next generation Scalable Solutions. We are Enabling End-to-End Enterprise transformation with next-generation technology capabilities and strategy.

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