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Streaming & Real Time Analytics Solution


XenonStack Analytics Solutions

  • Build Analytics Cloud Using Apache Spark and Apache Flink
  • Integrate any Source - API’s, Databases, IoT Devices, CRM/ERP Files
  • Processing Engine - Streaming, Real Time & Self Service Streaming Analytics
  • Large Scale Data Processing, Kappa, Lamda architecture
  • Visibility and Monitoring across the Data Pipeline
  • Deploy Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms on Large Dataset
  • Deploy the Streaming Analytics Platform On-Premises, Hybrid and Public Cloud
Analytics Solutions

Data Ingestion and Processing for IoT and Big Data Solutions

XenonStack Big Data Consulting Services provides Data Ingestion, Data collection and Data Processing Solution for IoT and Big Data Solutions. Enterprises can integrate data from any Source, can process Batch Streaming Real Time and Deploy On-Premises, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

Big Data and Real Time Data Processing on Docker and Kubernetes

XenonStack Modern Data Integration solutions enables the enterprises to use Big Data Platform with Microservices Architecture using Docker and Kubernetes. Streaming and Real Time Data Analytics with Microservices Architecture for Internet of things using Apache Spark, Apache Hive and Apache Hadoop.

Big Data Analytics Platform With Apache Spark and Apache Flink

XenonStack Big Data Analytics Solutions enables enterprises to Host On-Premises/Public Self Service Presto/Hive Cluster and can enable queries direct on S3/HDFS/GlusterFS. Big Data Analytics Solution build Analytics Cloud with Machine learning Capabilities and Graph Database Processing with Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

Big Data Warehousing and Data Lake

XenonStack provides Big Data warehousing and Enterprise Data lake solution for Batch and Real Time Data. Enterprises can Build, Deploy Data lake on On-Premises, Hybrid Cloud, Apache Mesos, Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery and Public Cloud. XenonStack Data Warehousing and Data Lake Solution enables the Monitoring as well as Visibility of the Data Flow.

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Solution for Container & Private Cloud

Streaming & Real Time Data Analytics Consulting

Get in Touch with us for Proof of Concept/Assessment and Consulting, IoT Solutions, Analytics Solution for Big Data and Real Time Analytics. Talk to Big Data Expert/Technology Architect for assessment and consulting for your Industry.

Use Cases

Real Time Data Analytics Migration & Optimization

Get in Touch with us for Big Data Applications & IoT Applications for Migration & Optimization for your application. For particular Use Cases, Discuss your application stack with Technology Architect for Optimization and Migration.

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