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Hybrid Cloud

Deploying Hybrid Cloud for University

The Problem

To turn current datacenter of a university to a cloud enabled datacenter which is Hybrid in nature.



It was quiet challenging to migrate current platform deployed in traditional ways to Cloud enabled that could handle and migrate current workloads to Private Cloud. The very first problem that we had to address was migrating. Secondly, The private cloud was orchestrated with public cloud vendor inorder to have High Availability during peak times (usually result days and examination form filling days).

Our Solution

The solution was found in using OpenStack. Using OpenStack on current Infrastructure was itself challenging task. Client workloads involve sensitive information as well, hence it was not suitable to use Public Cloud. A Private Cloud off-premises was also not an option due to security issues of sensitive data, The only option left was On-Premises Private Cloud with options of Public Cloud as well, i.e. Hybrid Cloud. A ‘Compute’ oriented architecture was chosen. It was our priority to make use of current hardware as much as we can. Networking was made Software oriented (SDN) as much as possible using OVS (Open vSwitch).

The solution involved modified images of client’s favourite Linux flavour, modified in such a way that they are easily deployed; having most of the packages (required) pre-installed. As a result, It takes lesser time for the images to be deployed. We created Orchestration with Public Cloud vendors in order to serve very high seasonal workloads. Solution involved a Load Balancer which monitors load on local hardware which is available on-premises and launch off-premises Public Cloud instances automatically if required.


Clients’ identity and research methodology shared with us has been kept confidential in this document in lieu of confidentiality agreement with client and our policy. If you would like to know more about this research, please write to us at business@xenonstack.com.

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