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TweetOLAP | Real-time tweet analysis platform

Designing a platform which could give insights for desired twitter hash tag which is also realtime. To give insights for latest trend on twitter and target response time of 1-2 seconds for any arbitrary hash tags. The very first problem that we had to address was designing a data structure for storing results. Any client who uses TweetOLAP would not like to wait for minutes to get the results. Our task was to decide a structure which could best suit the target response time of 1-2 seconds for any arbitrary hash tags.

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Analytic solutions for Telecom

Telecom Industry brought up an oppurtunity to work on data; big in terms of volume and velocity. A huge amount of data is produced by telecom industry at a very high velocity. This data is increasing rapidly as telecommunication is spreading rapidly.

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Deploying Hybrid Cloud for University

The task was to turn current datacenter of a university to a cloud enabled datacenter which is able to scale up during announcements of results and other events having high traffic load. One of our clients had troubles managing their local setup during traffic loads and we helped them to solve this problem.

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