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Decision Science Solutions

Improvise your business by seeing your business data in a stunningly visual analysis using our Data Visualization Solutions.

Decision Science and Data Visualization Solutions offers-
  • Knowledge Discovery - Understand Data & Gather maximum Information with Data Mining
  • Data Modeling Using Neural Networks, Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • Data Modeling & Algorithms Deployments on Docker, Kubernetes, On-Premises or Public Cloud
  • From Data to Wisdom - Real Time Data Visualization & Interactive Dashboard
  • Data Science Operation and Optimization
  • Cognitive Intelligence and Decision Sciences
Data Science Solutions

Data Preparation and Data Cleaning Solutions

Data Preparation is the process of collecting, cleaning, and transforming data and creating a workflow. Data cleaning is also data scrubbing to detect & remove the missing values, special values, errors, and outliers and inconsistencies from data in order to improve the quality of data. Data Consistency have three types – In Record Consistency, Cross-Record Consistency, Cross-Dataset Consistency.

Data Wrangling or Data Munging

Data Munging or Data Wrangling is cleaning and transforming the data and pre-processing of data before the process of Data Mining. It involves Enriching the Data, Standardization, Normalization, Applying Macro, Finding Patterns, Sort, Filter, Merge, Transpose and Parse the data.

Data Modeling & Algorithms

An algorithm (Machine learning) is a set of heuristics and mathematical calculations that develops a Model based on Data Content. To Develop a Model, an algorithm first analyze the data and generates patterns or trends. Later Algorithm Optimizes the model by Analysis of Data.

Choosing The Right Algorithm

Different algorithms - Classification Algorithms, Regression Algorithms, Segmentation Algorithms, Association Algorithms and Sequence Analysis Algorithms. Choosing the Algorithms based on Tasks - Predicting a discrete attribute, Predicting a continuous attribute, Predicting a sequence, Finding groups of common items in transactions, Finding groups of similar items.

Data Modeling Deployment & Optimization

Xenonstack IT Infrastructure & DevOps expertise helps you to Build & Deploy the model in production based on Performance Requirements and Optimization of Model. XenonStack Machine Learning Solutions, Deep Learning Solutions, Docker Solutions helps you to Deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning Models (Python & R Models) on Docker and Kubernetes, supports Machine Learning and Data Processing libraries such as Spark MLLib and OpenNLP.

Data Product and Decision Science

XenonStack Data Visualization & Artificial Intelligence Services enables you to develop Interactive Dashboard, Data Product in form of Chat Bots, Digital Agents and Decision Science framework, recommendation systems with progressive web Applications Using Angular.js, React.js, and Reactive Programming – Scala, Go.

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Decision Science & Cognitive Intelligence

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