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Full Stack IoT Platform


Enterprise Full Stack IoT Platform with Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

Xenonify - Full Stack IoT Platform with Predictive Analytics
Identity and Access Management for IoT

Identity & Access Management

Xenonify IoT Platform enables Identity and Access Management Solution integrated with existing enterprises LDAP and Windows AD Access Management with additional Modern IRM, IAM and level of security protections (confidentiality, authentication, authorization) applied to data flows from sensors and other IoT components.

Understanding Protocols Behind Internet of Things

IoT Protocols & Messaging

Xenonify IoT Platform supports Fast Data and Reactive apps, Event-Driven, Fault Tolerance, Real-Time and Streaming Data for IoT Solutions from different devices & data types. Xenonify IoT Platform supports MQTT and RESTFul HTTP protocols. Xenonify IoT Platform enables centralized monitoring of Data and Workflow.

Real Time Data Integration For IoT Devices

Streaming & Real Time Data Integration & Analytics for IoT Solution

Xenonify IoT Platform provides interface to connect different sources with different data types for Streaming and Real Time processing and enables you do Data Analysis and deploy Machine learning & Deep learning algorithms on Real-Time and build Data Products like Alerts, Intelligent Agents, ChatBot Notifications and Actionable insights.

Real Time Predictive Intelligence for IoT Devices

Real Time Predictive and Preventive Intelligence

Xenonify IoT Platform provides platform to deploy Machine learning and Deep Learning Algorithms on Real Time with On-Premises as well as Public Cloud. Xenonify IoT Platform enables Graph Data Processing on the Solution Stack and enables you to build Alerts, Intelligent Agents, and Perform Action in Real-Time.

IoT and Microservices Architecture

Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes for Internet of Things

Xenonify IoT Platform enables the enterprise application to use microservices architecture using Docker and Kubernetes. Xenonify Microservices Solution provides the Assessment and Migration of present enterprise application stack to adopt Microservices Architecture and deploy using Docker or Kubernetes.

Key features of Xenonify - IoT Platform

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Customize for your device.

Cloud Hosted

Highly available and scalable.

Big Data Ready

Real-time data processing tools.

Intuitive Statistics

Comes with data analytics platform.

Social Integration

Automate status updates to social media.

Dataflow Designer

Create process topology using our GUI

NLP Engine

Allow commands in natural language.

Speech Engine

Adds voice command to your IoT device.

Triggered Actions

Event triggered code execution.


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