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Elixir Data

Modern Big Data Integration Platform

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Modern Data Integration Platform

Enabling Secure Data Pipeline with Data Integrity & Data Management

Elixir Data - Modern Data Integration Platform

Elixir Data is a Modern Big Data Integration Platform that enables secure Data Pipeline With Data Integrity and Data Management.

Elixir Data provides you the freedom to work in desired Data Stack and Programming Language as it integrates well with NoSQL & Big Data Ecosystem, traditional databases and business tools.

Elixir Data provides Public, Private or Hybrid mode of Code Deployment. Choose the cloud platform that suits your enterprise requirements.

Full Stack Big Data Integration Platform

Elixir Data provides highly customisable solution for Enterprises. ElixirData provides Flexibility, Security, and Stability for an Enterprise application and Big Data Infrastructure to deploy on-premises and Public Cloud with cognitive insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Capabilities of Elixir Data Modern Big Data Integration Platform

  • Integrates well with NoSQL & Big Data ecosystem, traditional databases, and business tools.

  • Elixir Data provides flexibility to Deploy On-Premises, Hybrid or Public Cloud. Choose the Cloud platform that suits your enterprise requirements.

  • It allows us to build Data Pipeline from different sources having different formats. Integration Pipeline comes into action with Automapper.

  • Java, .NET, Python, Go used to define real time Data Transformation pipeline. Error Handling and Data Monitoring are also supported on Pipeline.

  • Support for both: Traditional systems, as well as modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.

  • SAgent based architecture keeps your data secure and on-premises. Data security is natively provided.

  • Data integration platform with auto-mapper and lambda based data transformation pipeline.

  • Dozens of integrations to choose from. Works with most business tools and enterprise applications.

  • Higher level development kit to extend. Develop your customized real-time data pipeline on-premises.

Features of Big Data Platform

Fast Data Solutions

Modern Data Integration Platform for Big Data and Fast Data

Leaner and flexible by providing fast release cycles with the help of Continuous Delivery. Deploy from SCM to Production within minutes with fully automated build pipeline.

Data Pipeline Monitoring and Debugging

Full Stack Visibility, Monitoring & Alerting for Data Pipeline

Integration with multiple cloud platforms at one place by providing abstraction layer between Multi Cloud platform APIs.

Big Data Services and Solutions

Cluster Level & Individual Node wise utilization & Monitoring

Get Complete Analysis of Usage, Logs and Application Processes.

Enterprise Ready Data Integration Platform

Enterprises Ready & Supports multi-tenant

Data is exploding from in all directions, creating multiple channels of real-time and high velocity streams. Elixir data meets the changing requirements of paradigm shift from the traditional ETL model to modern data integration.

Big Data Deployment Solutions

Deploy on Amazon RedShift, Google BigQuery, Public Cloud & On-Premises

Get Complete Analysis of Usage, Logs and Application Processes.

Elixir Data - Modern Big Data Integration Platform have Multi-Cloud Support on Leading Cloud Service Providers

aws web services

Join our a million companies already running on AWS.

Solutions for
google web services

Building, test and deploy using Google's own infrastructure.

Solutions for
microsoft azure web services

Accelerating enterprise cloud adoption on Microsoft Azure.

Solutions for
openstack web services

Supporting OpenStack and other private clouds.

Solution for Container & Private Cloud

Customized Proof of Concept & Product Demo for Big Data Platform

Data Integration means combining information from various sources into something useful. Developing an integration strategy - both the technical and business aspects is crucial to ensuring your organization's data reaches its maximum potential. ElixirData can help your organization tackle your Data Integration Problem.

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Big Data Integration Assessment & Migration

Big Data Consulting Services assess your Different Structured & unstructured Data Sources and Big Data Infrastructure. According to the Assessment report, We will Outline the Requirement for Batch, Streaming or Real Time Big Data Solution and list the actionable points for Processing Engine as well as Deployment architecture.

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