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Features of Akira.AI Platform

Deploy Deep Learning Models on Cloud

Modern Agile & DevOps Architecture

Akira.ai AI Platform enables you to Automate the infrastructure to train and deploy Deep Learning Models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises. Akira.ai Artifical Intelligence Platform enables you to use Docker and kubernetes to Deploy Deep Learning Algorithms.

Predictive Agent Algorithm

Build Intelligent Applications, Digital Virtual & Predictive Agents

Akira.ai Artifical Intelligence Platform enables you to develop Digital Virtual Agents, Chatbots, Predictive agents and cognitive process automation.

Data Science Solutions for Interactive Dashboards

Interactive and Drag-Drop UI Workflows

Akira.ai Artifical Intelligence Platform provides you a simple workflows with interactive Dashboard having Drag-Drop UI functionality developed in React.js.

Tensor Flow Machine Learning System

Develop using Interactive Jupyter and Tensor Flow

Akira.ai Artifical Intelligence Platform enables you to develop interactively with Cloud using Jupyter and Tensor Flow.

Akira.AI Multi-Cloud Support and Solutions

AWS Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable and scalable Cloud Computing Services.

Solutions for
Google Cloud Solutions

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) lets you build and host applications and websites on Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Solutions for
Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft Azure offers enterprise grade cloud computing platform for building, deploying, managing applications.

Solutions for
Container Solutions - DevOps & Kubernetes

Deploy, Manage and Maintain Private & Hybrid Clouds across any Infrastructure using OpenStack & Kubernetes

Solution for Container &
Private Cloud

Consulting & Proof Of Concept for AI Platform

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Enterprise AI Solutions

Get in Touch with us for Real Time Data Integration & Analytics, Migration to Cloud and Enterprise Ready IoT solution. Talk to our AI experts for Assessment, Consulting for Industry/Solution/Products.

Transforming to a Data-Driven Enterprise

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