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DevOps as a Service Enterprise Platform

NexaStack Enables Building Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration Security Infrastructure Pipeline to deploy on On-Premises and Public Cloud and Enabling DevOps Infrastructure Management and Automation.Key Features of NexaStack –

  • On-Premises Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Self Provision Resources
  • Application Lifecycle Management
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NexaStack provides DevOps as a Service and Unified DevOps Platform for Continuous Delivery Pipeline for applications and Big Data supporting Microservices, Lambda Architecture.

Accelerate Data Driven Application Delivery with Visibility and Security using NexaStack DevOps Platform.

NexaStack DevOps Solution help you Automate, Monitor, and Analyse Application Delivery with Continuous Container Delivery Pipeline which helps you getting more saving on the cloud.

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NexaStack DevOps Platform Service Offerings

NexaStack provides highly customisable solution for Enterprises. Nexastack provides Flexibility, Security, and Stability for an Enterprise application and Big Data Infrastructure to deploy on-premises and Public Cloud with visibility and security of devops delivery pipeline with cognitive insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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What is there in NexaStack - Unified DevOps Platform

DevOps Solutions and Services for Enterprises

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  • NexaStack Continuous Delivery Pipeline Image

    Continuous Delivery Pipeline

    DevOps Platform Provides flexibility and agility to Build, Manage and Secure Continuous Delivery Pipeline for application and Big Data Loads. Our DevOps Platform supports DevOps For Java, DevOps for Python, DevOps for Golang, and DevOps for .NET applications.

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    Monitoring, Alerting Platform for Continuous Delivery Pipeline

    DevOps Platform enables the monitoring and alerting for Microservices, Applications and Infrastructure. It also provides Monitoring for Docker and Monitoring for Kubernetes along with Microservices for Big Data.

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    Multi-Cloud Support for DevOps

    NexaStack provisions Continuous Delivery pipeline and providing integration with multiple cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and enables to build abstraction layer between Multi Cloud platform APIs.

  • NexaStack Docker Deployment and Kubernetes Deployment Image

    Docker Deployment and Kubernetes Deployment

    DevOps Platform enables you to Build, Manage, Monitor and Secure Microservices Architecture on Docker and Kubernetes for Java, Golang, Python, and .NET based applications.

  • NexaStack Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Image

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    DevOps Platforms provides AI Based Monitoring with Anomaly Detection, Log Analytics, and Log Mining for the application and enables for Time Series Analysis based Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Industry Leading AI, Big Data and Cloud Solutions

We Assist Our Clients Across Six Core Pillars

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Cloud Platform Engineering

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Enterprise DevOps Transformation

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DevSecOps and Cloud Security

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Cloud Native Software Development

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Data Platforms and Advanced Analytics

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Managed Cloud Services

Case Studies

Proof of Concept And Product Demo

If you are an Enterprise or a Startup looking for customized Demo of our DevOps Platform, then get in touch with us for Consulting and we will provide you Proof-of-Concept. DevOps Solution architects will talk to you for Consulting and Migration Solutions. DevOps Consulting Services and Generate Analytics report which will Outline the actionable points for Continuous Delivery Pipeline Roadmap.

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