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Multi-Cloud Services and Solutions Provider

Multi-Cloud Services Experts.


Multi-Cloud Consulting Services

XenonStack is a leading Multi-Cloud Management Services provider enabling organizations to modernize IT Infrastructure and Applications to drive innovation by harnessing the enterprise data. We have a dedicated team of certified cloud Consultants and Solution experts who work closely with you to understand your business requirements and challenges.

We offer Multi-Cloud management solutions for Organizations to enable end-to-end visibility into their multi-cloud environment, Multi-Cloud Migration Approach and Multi-Cloud Orchestration.

  • Multi Cloud Management
  • Multi-Cloud Orchestration
  • Multi-Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Multi-Cloud Automation and Security
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Data Security and Governance Solutions

XenonStack offers Industry Leading Enterprise Data Governance and End-to-End Data Privacy Solutions.

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    Security Operations

    Integrated Security Operations and Solution offerings for enabling Enhanced Incident Response, Intelligent Threat Detection and Security monitoring solutions.

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    Data Protection and Privacy Services

    Solutions for Developing enterprise-extensive data protection and privacy strategy, Data protection Maturity assessments, and Vulnerability Management Services.

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    Infrastructure Endpoint Security

    Infrastructure Security Solutions for building efficient and cost-effective security infrastructure and Managed Advanced Threat Protection Services.

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Why Enterprises should adopt a Multi-Cloud Strategy

  • Enhance Operational efficiency
  • Reduce Overall Cost
  • Agility
  • Complete Application Governance
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Reduce Migration Risks
  • Workload Optimization

Solutions on Leading Multi-Cloud Providers

Specialized Customized Service to Tailor your Business Needs

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Amazon Web Services

  • Cloud Optimization and Automation
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration Service
  • 24*7 Data Security
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Microsoft Azure

  • 24*7 Management and Operations
  • Solves Complex Cloud Operations
  • Architect and Deploy
  • 24*7 Security
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Google Cloud Platform

  • Effective Auto Scaling
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Large number of availability zones
  • User-friendly Dashboard and troubleshooting

Cloud Application Development Solutions

Our cloud development services helps build custom cloud-based business application.

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Cloud Strategy Development

  • Financial Design and Business architecture
  • Workload planning and Capacity Analysis
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Migration Roadmap for Servers, Databases, Applications
  • Product delivery pipeline outline
  • Security—controls; application, framework, service, physical; strategy and design
  • Compliance approach and planning
  • Governance and organizational strategy
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Cloud Adoption

  • Prioritizing applications for transformation by business impact, cost, and risk Driving necessary architecture and other product changes
  • Implementing product delivery and deployment mechanism
  • Migrating applications and their dependencies including infrastructure, platforms, databases, and data
  • Orchestrating the full application procedure
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Cloud Optimization

  • Product development lifecycle automation
  • Continuous operational health monitoring
  • Optimizing cloud­ enabled applications
  • Managing Hadoop in the cloud
  • Delivering continuous optimization
  • Managing database­ as­-a-service environments