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Big Data Infrastructure Management and Development Solutions

Managed Solutions for Effective Governance and Integration of Data


Big Data Managed Services

Empowering Managed Big Data operations and management with agile operations methodology further Optimizing Big Data Configurations, streamlined data Integration, management practices, and Simplify management of complex big data environments.

  • Big Data Security
  • Hadoop Application Support
  • Managed Big Data platforms
  • Ongoing Application Support
  • Migration and Infrastructure Optimization
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Managed Big Data Solutions

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Hadoop Application Support

Managed Service offerings for efficient Administration and Monitoring of Infrastructure Operations and Hadoop Services.

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Managed Big Data platforms

Enabling End-to-End Management for effective Implementation of Big Data Infrastructure and 24X7X365 Monitoring Solutions.

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Ongoing Application Support

Integrate seamlessly with your existing application to keep your business operating efficiently, further empowering application enhancements.

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Migration and Infrastructure Optimization

Solutions for Developing effective Big Data Infrastructure Strategy and Managing Big Data Infrastructure.

Managed Big Data Solutions for Developing and Deploying Big Data Applications

Increasing Business Efficiency and Reducing Risk by Harnessing the Power of Big Data

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Big Data Managed Service Offerings

Increase Business Efficiency and Reduce Risk by Harnessing the Power of Data with NexaOps Big Data Managed Services.

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