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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is an approach to provide security to application and infrastructure based on the methodology of DevOps, which makes sure the application is less vulnerable and ready for users uses. All things automated, and security checks started from the beginning of the application’s pipelines.

Selecting the right tools for Continuous Integration security achieves security goals, but the selection of tools is not enough, also need security teams along with the right tools to meet the required security.

How DevSecOps Works?

The fundamental goal of DevSecOps is to secure the application by making security and operations team members practicing and co-operating with development from the very beginning of a project. Below is the overview of its working :

Analysis of infrastructure and environments to get the idea of challenges involves –

  • Applications and APIs.
  • Libraries and Frameworks.
  • Container and Cloud.
  • Network.
  • Secure: After analyzing, secure it, and choose the right path according to culture.
  • Automate Security Testing and verify it.
  • Detect Attacks and prevent Exploits, i.e. defend the system.

How to Adopt DevSecOps?

Nowadays the greatest obstacle to DevSecOps is culture, not technology. Traditionally, security teams and dev teams work separately. To successfully move to a DevSecOps methodology, follow the DevOps methodology in both sec. and dev. Teams must make application security an integrated strategy and continue to encourage security awareness.

Effective ways to adopt it:

  • Automate the process as much as possible.
  • Follow the DevOps methodology.
  • Train to code securely.
  • Evaluation of current security measures and concluding what to do to overcome problems.
  • Integrate the security to DevSecOps.
  • By adopting the right DevSecOps tools.
  • Monitoring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Analyze code and do a vulnerability assessment.
  • Mandatory security at every stage.

Define a model that the organizations can adapt to implement DevSecOps. For example which one of the below models is better for organizations –

  • Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST).
  • Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST).
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA).
  • Container security.

How to know whether adoption of DevSecOps is successful or not?

Successful Adoption of DevSecOps depends upon –

  • Detection of threats, security defects, and flaws.
  • Deployment frequency.
  • Meantime to their repair and recovery.
  • Lead time.
  • Test coverage.

Benefits of DevSecOps

Some of the benefits of adopting DevSecOps are –

  • Reduction of expenses and Delivery rate increases.
  • Security, Monitoring, Deployment check and notifying systems from the beginning.
  • It supports openness and Transparency right from the start of development.
  • Secure by Design and the ability to measure.
  • Faster Speed of recovery in the case of a security incident.
  • Improving Overall Security by enabling Immutable infrastructure which further involves security automation.

Why DevSecOps Matters?

Due to the joint venture of development and

  • Focus on the application’s security from the beginning.
  • It finds vulnerabilities and encourages practitioners to build security processes.
  • It seeks to provide better results at greater speed same as DevOps.
  • Reducing vulnerabilities, and increases code coverage and automation.

Best Practices of DevSecOps

  • Integrate security throughout the dev process.
  • Train on secure coding.
  • Automate the whole pipeline from Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment.
  • Choose the appropriate tools for the security check.
  • Move to Git as a single source of truth.
  • Know code dependencies.
  • Use an analytics-driven SIEM platform.

Top DevSecOps Integration Tools

Some tools to integrate throughout DevOps Pipeline

Understanding Holistic Approach

DevSecOps, as discussed above is an approach to implement protection to application and infrastructure based on the methodology of DevOps, that makes sure the application is less exposed and ready for users uses. All things automated, and security checks started from the beginning of the application’s pipelines. To understand more about DevSecOps, you are advised to look into below steps:


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