Transportation and Logistics

Transportation Sector yields efficiency in sustainable development. Transportation Sector consists of Airlines, Roadways, Marine and Rail transport. Infrastructure including public and private maintenance of all modes of transportation performing operations involving Finance and Legalities.

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Transport Data Analytics
  • Transportation Asset Management
  • Traffic Management
XenonStack Transportation and Logistics Industry Solutions

And Logistics

  • XenonStack Dynamic Pricing
    Dynamic Pricing

    It includes Smart Data to balance Supply and Demand, Dynamic Tolling changing rates based on traffic per day, Dynamic Parking guiding to park at vacant places through IoT sensor technologies. Get hold of traffic flows through policies which improve customer experience and driving smooth. Smart Investment, Smart Card Data to improve market segmentation.

  • XenonStack Transport Data Analytics
    Transport Data Analytics

    Predictive Analytics and public transportation, detection based on Supervised Based Learning, optimized infrastructure, and better customer experience, prediction of future traffic jams and congestion through hotspots.Crowd Reduction strategies through data modeling, traffic watch, Intelligent Congestion Management, Mobility Planning, Supply Chain Network Design.

  • XenonStack Transportation Asset Management
    Transportation Asset Management

    It manages transportation infrastructure through improved Decision-Making including physical elements maintaining an inventory of asset infrastructure by type and condition. It is policy driven, purely performance based, decision monitoring based on quality information, clear accountability, and feedback.

  • XenonStack Traffic Management
    Traffic Management

    Traffic control measures include speed reduction, road and footpath closures, Real-Time order status tracking, detours, traffic controllers, dynamic speed limits, dynamic route information panel, dynamic road marking, ramp metering, evacuation management, demand management analysis, assisting passengers to plan their journey.

Transportation Use Cases

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