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Predictive Analysis along with Retail have leveraged the power of Big Data by providing improved customer service, targeted promotions, Decision Making and Supply Chain Analytics. Real-Time Applications of Predictive Analysis in Retail involve Customer Behaviour Analytics, ClickStream Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Recommendation Engine and Forecasting Trends.

  • Incident Monitoring and Surveillance
  • In-Store and Retail Data Analytics
  • Omni Channel Retail and Experiences
  • Product Assortment and Market Basket Analytics
XenonStack Retail Industry Solutions

Retail Offerings

  • Xenonstack Incident Monitoring and Surveillance
    Incident Monitoring and Surveillance

    It involves security systems fully integrated with intrusion and access control providing scalability, agility, and elasticity. CCTV cameras and Video Analytics for object identification through sensors. Video Content Analysis for Event and Target Type Detection. Heat Maps to detect the location of people at Real-Time involving Emergency Management Systems.

  • Xenonstack In-Store and Retail Data Analytics
    In-Store and Retail Data Analytics

    It involves identification of valuable customers, behavioral insights, tracking sales hourly basis, actionable insights, improved marketing ROI, in-store cameras, identifies purchase points with better purchase decisions. Retail Data Analytics provides unique customer experience, dynamic pricing, smart revenue forecasting, targeted campaigns.

  • Xenonstack Omni Channel Retail and Experiences
    Omni Channel Retail and Experiences

    Builds brand online and offline, discovers target audience, Point of Sale. Order Management Solution, channel agnostic, Customer Relationship Management, Merchandising, Order Broker Solution, Warehouse Management Solution, E-Commerce, optimal inventory planning, Real-Time Reporting, streamlined Omnichannel sales.

  • Xenonstack Product Assortment and Market Basket Analytics
    Product Assortment and Market Basket Analytics

    Cognitive Assortment Management, Hind-sighting, buy quantification, Digital Assortment Analytics, assortment optimization, Customer-Centricity, review shopping patterns. Market Basket Analytics involves Customer Segmentation, Customer Profiling, Precise Targeting, Optimised Store Layouts, Self-Service Analytics, Best Product Association.

Enterprise Technology Use Cases

  • Get in Touch with us for Proof of Concept. XenonStack Enterprise Technology Services and Infographics Services provide you interactive products to visually communicate your data. Bring your data to life with our Real-Time Data Visualization dashboards. Keep your cards close to your chest with interactive interfaces backed by Data Analytics.

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