Media and Entertainment Services

Internet Advertising, Filmed Entertainment and BroadCasting are driving Media and Entertainment sector leading to Live Streaming, Digital Music, Television Stations, Targeted Advertising, E-Sports, Video Streaming, Weather Channels and Virtual Reality Revolutions.

  • Video Content Management and Platforms
  • Cyber Attacks Analytics
  • Video and Social Media Analytics
  • Data Journalism
XenonStack Media and Entertainment Industry Solutions

Media and Entertainment Offerings

  • XenonStack Video Content Management and Platforms
    Video Content Management and Platforms

    It includes License-based Software as a Service (SaaS) online video content solutions for automated Asset Management, accelerating the content creation, OTT and Digital Publishing segmented by type, user, application and region. Advertising Management, Video Catalogs Management, Progressive Downloads and Transcoding.

  • XenonStack Cyber Attacks Analytics
    Cyber Attacks Analytics

    It involves Phishing and Spear-Phishing detection and Prevention, Intrusion Detection and Incident Response, recognizing deception and uncertainties, Cyber Authentication, Threat Hunting, Entity Behaviour Analytics, Actionable Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, eliminating data leakage and enabling Private Data Protection.

  • XenonStack Video and Social Media Analytics
    Video and Social Media Analytics

    Podcasts promotion on Social Media, Social Video involving Social Media and Video Marketing, LinkedIn videos, Social Media Campaigns, Animated Videos, YouTube Advertisements, Instagram Stories, Real-Time listening, diversifying social networks, On-Demand GeoFilters, Digital Analytics, GeoTargeting, Influencer Marketing, Social Media BenchMarking.

  • XenonStack Data Journalism
    Data Journalism

    It involves patterns rather than events focusing on contexts than individual incidents. Data Visualization posts for Social Media platforms, GIF animations, reach an extensive audience at large scale, build social relationships, saved memories, increasing followers over Social Media applications, streamlining media workflows, Automated Journalism.

Enterprise Technology Use Cases

  • Get in Touch with us for Proof of Concept. XenonStack Enterprise Technology Services and Infographics Services provide you interactive products to visually communicate your data. Bring your data to life with our Real-Time Data Visualization dashboards. Keep your cards close to your chest with interactive interfaces backed by Data Analytics.

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