Insurance Services

Insurance Sector comprises of Risk Management and guarantees payment in case of uncertain future event occurrence. Formed by two critical factors, i.e. Functional and Contractual. Life and General are two types of Insurance. Due to digitization, Insurance companies have started using software tools to achieve business targets. Ensuring security of economic value, delivery mechanism, promotional campaigns, direct and group selling, customer's money investment called as a float.

  • Fraud Detection and Threat Mapping
  • Collect Information and Gain Customer Insights
  • Claim and LifeTime Value Prediction
  • Price Optimisation
XenonStack Digital Insurance Solutions

Insurance Offerings

  • XenonStack Fraud Detection and Threat Mapping
    Fraud Detection and Threat Mapping

    To track past claims, fake data, and users. After fraud detection , automatic halts the claim processing and initiates user's investigation. Informing policy information and detecting fraud through suspicious links, fraudulent activities, behavior pattern analysis, and premium policies. Predictive Modelling to filter fraud instances.

  • XenonStack Information and Gain Customer Insights
    Collect Information and Gain Customer Insights

    Calculation of risks, gathering actionable insights, providing health care and life insurance. Smart devices to collect information regarding past driving records as well as health to predict illness or accidents. Store, access and analyze users information and past policies taken ensuring better customer experience through media interactions.

  • XenonStack Claim and LifeTime Value Prediction
    Claim and LifeTime Value Prediction

    Competitive premiums to improve pricing models. Accurate predictions using various predictive models involving Data Processing Stream , Segmentation Model, Churn Prediction Model. Analyze Customer Behaviour Data to increase profitability, strategy development and maintenance of policies through forecasting and predictions.

  • XenonStack Customer Segmentation
    Customer Segmentation

    Profiling customer based on similar demand characteristics using Demographic, Insurance Policy and Financial Data. Classification of customers by behavior, identity, recommendations. Finds best-fitted policy and builds trust relationships with users leading to upselling and cross-selling of products.

  • XenonStack Price Optimisation
    Price Optimisation

    Analyze historical data to predict future premium rate using advanced Machine Learning and AI techniques to increase profitability. Cloud Machine Learning Engine to predict accuracy and raise the immense business value. Numerous algorithms to compare previous policies and consider customers price sensitivity.

Insurance Use Cases

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