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AWS Multi Cloud Solutions and Services

Multi-Cloud adoption Strategy and Approach


AWS Multi-Cloud Solutions and Services

XenonStack offers AWS based Multi-Cloud Solutions for enabling Digital Transformation, low compute costs and Edge computing. Multi-Cloud Strategy for Building your multi-cloud adoption approach, business needs for operations, security, and regulations with AWS Cloud Solutions –

  • AWS Outposts
  • Edge Computing
  • Multi Cloud Security
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AWS Multi-Cloud Solutions and Services

Enabling Digital Transformation with Leading AWS Multi-Cloud offerings.

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    AWS Outposts

    AWS Outposts based solutions for Fully managed infrastructure solutions and for workloads that demand low latency access to on-premises operations and data storage.

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    Edge Computing

    AWS based Edge Computing Solutions to bring cloud and AI to the edge and services for facilitating deployment flexibility and workload management.

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    Multi Cloud Security

    Solutions for building Multi-Cloud Security Strategy and developing secure and compliant hybrid cloud architectures.