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Mojaloop is an open-source digital-payment platform for financial services on a national level. Mojalopp is extremely scalable & interoperable for enabling connection with banks, users, merchants, payments.

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Go is a new language and thanks to Go community, it has grown rapidly since the release of Go 1.0. yet, keeping its most fundamental principle of simplicity intact. Like other programming languages, GO has the approach for dependency management like npm in Node.js, the pip in Python.

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Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains. It first appeared in 2011 when JetBrains unveiled their project named “Kotlin”. Kotlin is an Open-Source Language.

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After Leaving Foreign Assignment in Africa from Ericsson in 2012, Founder - Navdeep Singh Gill started Company with Simple vision on Cloud Computing and BigData will Bring Digital transformation.

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We look beyond the present and imagine the possible future. As for us, curiosity isn’t limited to only childhood, instead, it’s as important as intelligence. Both curiosity and intelligence go hand in hand. We refer curiosity as “having a hungry mind”

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