Top 5 Traits of a XenonStack SuperStar - XenonStack

How We Started

After Leaving Foreign Assignment in Africa from Ericsson in 2012, Founder – Navdeep Singh Gill started Company with Simple vision on how Cloud Computing and Big Data will Bring Digital transformation.

Later in 2014 Team up with a Research Scholar, Domain expertise, and 2 young geeks, to serve a Foreign Telecom client for Building Real-Time analytics tool along with Hadoop cluster management and migration of data application from premises standalone servers to Private Cloud.

What We Do

XenonStack is Product Development and Data-Driven Solution provider for DevOps, Real Time Analytics, Machine learning, Deep Learning & AI for enterprises & government.We believe and evangelist of open-source technologies.


Embedding the Internet in every aspect of life, easing the human life using analytics and IoT products; contributing towards high performance, highly available and reliable solutions.

Be a XenonStack SuperStar


We look beyond the present and imagine the possible future. As for us, curiosity isn’t limited to only childhood, instead, it’s as important as intelligence.

Both curiosity and intelligence go hand in hand. We refer curiosity as “having a hungry mind” and hungry mind always crave for the best and the biggest thing to happen.

It craves for deep knowledge and new experience. It brings willingness in person to invest in themselves, which ultimately lead to their growth rather make them outdated for the society.


As development never gets stop, so the way one think and implement is also unstoppable. We possess the interpersonal ability, cultural ability, physical oriented ability.

As work stress is a major factor for any company’s work outcome, we are ready to work under any condition of workforce or emergency. As we considered adaptability as the staircase to the leadership.


Business is a constant flow of change and managing resources. Instead of getting stuck in a problem for so long and giving up at any stage we try to develop excellent problem-solving skill.

Just do the in-depth study of the case, follow different patterns, apply various concepts as technical or non-technical and reach to the root of that problem. We try to solve the problem at its base before it becomes a disaster.


As a Ninja, we put our immense skill and talent into the coding. We work with astonishing speed and brutal effectiveness so to replete our code with mystical secrets.

As a Samurai we reflect the perfection in our craft, by no waste movement and no created bug.

We compose very elegant, general, portable, and coherent solution to the class of problems containing the given problem.


Age and Degree are just a number. Experience and skills just complete the whole scenery.

If you lack in the study because of least interest in any subject but possess a mind full of skills then you are perfect to join with us. We don’t talk of experience in age but in form of code and level of projects.

XenonStack Welcomes Women In Technology

We are looking for professionals who possess such qualities and strengths and follow the TAO of XenonStack for Building high-quality Products and Solutions. XenonStack welcome such talent to organisation. Interested, APPLY NOW!

XenonStack Offerings

XenonStack is a leading Software Company in Product Development and Solution Provider for DevOps, Big Data Integration, Real Time Analytics & Data Science.

Product NexaStack – Unified DevOps Platform Provides monitoring of Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack infrastructure, Big Data Infrastructure and uses advanced machine learning techniques for Log Mining and Log Analytics.

Product ElixirData – Modern Data Integration Platform Enables enterprises and Different agencies for Log Analytics and Log Mining.

Product Akira.AI is an Automated & Knowledge Drive Artificial Intelligence Platform that enables you to automate the Infrastructure to train and deploy Deep Learning Models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises.