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Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Role of Natural Language Processing in Big Data

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AI refers to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which means making machines to perform intelligent tasks like human beings. AI performs automated tasks using intelligence. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence/AI’ has two key components - Automation, Intelligence

Job Openings at XenonStack

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After Leaving Foreign Assignment in Africa from Ericsson in 2012, Founder - Navdeep Singh Gill started Company with Simple vision on Cloud Computing and BigData will Bring Digital transformation.

Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection

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With technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks (DNN). These technologies employ next generation server infrastructure that spans immense Windows and Linux cluster environments.

Enabling Real Time Analytics For IoT

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A few years ago, We remember that time when it was just impossible to analyze petabytes of data. Then emergence of Hadoop makes it possible to run analytical queries on our huge amount of historical data. As we know Bigdata is a buzz from last few years,

How To Deploy Rocket Chat On Kubernetes

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Rocket Chat is a chat platform for all types of companies from startup level to an enterprise level and it is also open source. Deploying RocketChat on Kubernetes solved our resource utilization problem because earlier we are wasting resources using OpenStack virtual machine.

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