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Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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A pattern built for development in performance testing is known as Test Driven Development. It is a process that enables the developers to write code and estimate the intended behaviour of the application. The requirements for the Test Driven Development process

Time Series Analysis & Forecasting Using Machine Learning & Deep Learning

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Time is the only moving thing in the world which never stops. When it comes to forecasting, the human mind tends to be more curious as we know that things change with time. Hence we are interested in making predictions ahead of time.

Anomaly Detection of Time Series Data Using Machine Learning & Deep Learning

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Time Series is defined as a set of observations taken at a particular period of time. For example, having a set of login details at regular interval of time of each user can be categorized as a time series. On the other hand, when the data is collected at once or irregularly, it is not taken as a time series data.

Overview of Artificial Neural Networks and its Applications

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The term ‘Neural’ is derived from the human (animal) nervous system’s basic functional unit ‘neuron’ or nerve cells which are present in the brain and other parts of the human(animal) body. Dendrite - It receives signals from other neurons.

Log Analytics With Deep Learning And Machine Learning

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Deep Learning is a type of Neural Network Algorithm that takes metadata as an input and process the data through a number of layers of a non-linear transformation of the input data to compute the output. This algorithm has a unique feature i.e. automatic feature extraction.

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