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Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Role of Natural Language Processing in Big Data

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AI refers to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which means making machines to perform intelligent tasks like human beings. AI performs automated tasks using intelligence. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence/AI’ has two key components - Automation, Intelligence

Ingestion and Processing of Data For Big Data and IoT Solutions

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In the era of the Internet of Things and Mobility, with huge volumes of data becoming available at a fast velocity, so there must be the need for an efficient analytics system, Also, the variety of data is coming from various sources in various formats, such as...

Why We Need Modern Big Data Integration Platform

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Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Banking, Energy, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, IoT, M2M are the leading domains/areas for Data Generation. The Government is using Big Data to improve their efficiency and distribution of the services to the people.

HealthCare is Drowning in Data, Thirst For Knowledge

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The Amount of Data in Healthcare is increasing at an astonishing rate. However, in general, the industry has not deployed the level of data management and analysis necessary to make use of those data. As a result, healthcare executives face the risk of being overwhelmed...

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